Small Groups

Small Groups are the best way to get to connect to our church family. These groups are made up of individuals and families who are committed to supporting and encouraging each other. We strive to be communities who authentically care for each other and who make a difference in the world around us. These groups meet throughout the week and are open to people of all ages. If you are looking to get plugged into our family, this is the place for you!

For more information about our small group ministry or if you are interested in joining a small group, please contact the church office at (626) 287-0561 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

SGPC Small Groups Fellowship List

Sunday, 9:45 AM  Location:  San Gabriel Presbyterian Church Campus

This is a diverse group, open to people of all ages, backgrounds and religious experiences. The Sunday morning small group is a great place for people new to our church, who are unable to make it to a mid week small group or who are interested in learning the basics of Christianity.

Monday, 7:30 PM  Location: South Pasadena, Monterey Park, Alhambra Areas

This group consists of individuals from diverse ages, family situations, and careers, who share a common interest in exploring the Bible, focusing on its applications to our contemporary experiences, as well as problems

Tuesday, 10:30 AM  Location:  Monterey Park

This senior adult small group is a great place for people who are just starting to explore Christianity or who are new to the faith. This is a very social group that loves to be together. The group goes on social outings monthly and they always go out to lunch when they get together.

1st and 3rd Tuesday, 3:00 PM  Location: San Gabriel Presbyterian Church Campus

Mariners, meeting every 1st and 3rd Tuesday.  This is the senior group who wants to finish strong in their life's journey.  This group meets to encourage each other to grow spiritually and to serve Christ and His Church.

Tuesday, 7:30PM  Location:  Temple City, Montebello and Pasadena Areas

This is our young professionals group, which includes both married couples and singles who enjoy spending time together and applying the Bible to their lives. This group loves to socialize and frequently volunteers their time to serve our community.

1st and 3rd Wednesday, 10:30 AM Location: San Gabriel Presbyterian Church Campus

This small group is to discuss the current Navigator 2:7 Series.

1st and 3rd Thursdays, 10:30 AM  Location:  Alhambra

This Thursday Morning Small Group studies basic fundamental truths of Scriptures and encourages one another in their walk with the Lord. They also provide social and spiritual support to those who are alone and experiencing the hardships of life's transitions. As a Bible Study group, they strive for deeper understanding of themselves and of God’s Word.

Thursday, 7 PM  Location:  Monterey Park and San Gabriel Areas

The FIT (Families in Transition) group is composed of empty nesters and singles that are nearing the end of their professional careers.  This is a very caring and close group who enjoys walking through life together.

Thursday, 10:30 AM  Location:  South Pasadena

This group consists mainly of seniors who enjoy caring for each other and studying the Bible together.

Thursday, 7:30 PM  Location:  Pasadena and San Marino Areas

This seniors group enjoys talking about their grandkids together, eating out and caring for each other. This group is Bible Study oriented and is great for those who are looking to grow in their faith.

Friday, 7:30 PM

The Career group is made up of working professionals who are seeking to deepen their relationship with God together.  It consists of both couples and singles.

Friday, 7:30 PM  Location:  San Gabriel Presbyterian Church Campus

Family Life Group is a very loving and active group. Made up predominately of families and their children, this group seeks to share their lives with each other through Bible study, prayer and sharing. This is a very social group, who regularly plans family outings, shares meals together and celebrates the joys and triumphs of life with each other.

Friday, 7:30 PM  Location:  San Gabriel Presbyterian Church Campus

The Youth Group meets together on Friday evenings and is open for teens in 6th grade to 12th grade. This is always a fun group and we enjoy talking about current day issues and just hanging out together. We also participate in many activities together and enjoy serving our church and our community.